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Amplify Creates Professional Learning Maps for PD

Amplify Creates Professional Learning Maps for Professional Development

Amplify, a company that offers digital products to K-12 educators, has announced the launch of a personalized professional development system called Professional Learning Maps.

Professional Learning Maps “uses the results of an initial diagnostic survey to provide educators feedback on areas of strength and need, charting professional development sequences composed of self-paced online modules and face-to-face sessions,” said an article on

“For a limited time beginning in January, one month of Professional Learning Maps will be available for $1,000 per school, with regular pricing for the annual license fee set at $4,000 per school,” the article said.

With the license fee, EducationDive said, “schools get access to the survey, interactive maps, and PD for both school leaders and educators.”

“With the increasing amount of tech being deployed in schools, a common concern has been whether or not adequate professional development is being administered so educators know how to best make use of their new tools,” said the article. “With Professional Learning Maps, Amplify is making an effort to provide just that while also differentiating itself from competitors like the Chromebook and iPad.”

The general idea, the article said, “is to provide something more effective than the standard, one-size-fits-all PD solution.”

“Specific skill sets targeted for expansion include implementing new English language arts and math standards, integrating tech into instruction, and supporting engagement with students' families,” EducationDive said.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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