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Amazon to Launch Free Tool to Help Educators Access Open Educational Resources

Amazon to Launch Free Tool to Help Educators Access Open Educational Resources

Amazon, one of the companies in support of the Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign, announced last month that it is testing a tool aimed to help educators find and use open educational resources (OERs).

Called “Amazon Inspire,” the company said it intends to launch the platform in May this year.

"Amazon plans for educators to be able to upload, manage, share, and discover resources in a way that resembles Amazon’s reviewing and purchasing systems,” said EdSurge.

"The platform will make the content searchable by assigning metadata tags organized by the Learning Registry, a federal effort to aggregate data around how digital resources are created and used.”

According to Andrew Joseph, co-founder of TenMarks and Vice President of Strategic Relations for Amazon Education, the tool will be completely free.

OERs have been in the spotlight since the Department of Education announced its expansive #GoOpen campaign in October.

More recently, the Department announced its development of the Open eBooks app, which provides $250 million worth of books in its digital library for no charge.

The second annual Teachers and Technology survey from TES Global has indicated these efforts are working. The study found that about 75 percent of U.S. teachers say they use OERs more frequently than textbooks.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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