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Amazon Edtech Company Launches Standards-Based Math Program

New Education Technology Launches New Math Program

An education technology company acquired by Amazon last year, TenMarks Education, has launched a new program designed to help teachers teach math under the new educational standards.

“The focus in the past has always been solely on the student, helping a teacher make sure that every student in the classroom gets what they’re teaching,” said Rohit Agarwal, CEO of TenMarks Education, in an article on “Now we’re adding an offering for the teacher to use, so they can prepare for the instruction in the classroom beforehand.”

TenMarks Math Teach, the article said, will be released on Nov. 20, and "will offer a projection mode to be used by teachers during lessons, in addition to tools for preparing in advance."

TenMarks Math Teach appeals to grades 2 to 6, along with a free version available to teachers for 12 core math standards, the article said.

"With many of the new standards, teachers are not sure how the standards are written, what they mean, and how to teach them correctly," Agarwal said. "The lessons for teachers take advantage of TenMarks’ insights into the areas where students are likely to have the most trouble, based on the data gleaned from the existing TenMarks Math application for students. Amazon takes a very long-term view of any market or any effort, and with TenMarks, especially with K-12 education, we have the luxury now of taking a very, very long-term view of how we solve problems for customers."

TenMarks Math and TenMarks Math Teach, the article said, "work across different browsers and devices, and Agarwal said there was no pressure from Amazon to release the new product exclusively for Kindle devices. TenMarks declined to disclose its specific customer or employee count, but says tens of thousands of schools are using its existing math application for students."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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