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Amazon Co. Launches Program to Help Reduce Summer 'Brain Drain' in Math

 Amazon Company Launches Program to Help Reduce Summer 'Brain Drain' for Math Skills

Research has continuously shown that over the course of the two to three months of summer vacation, students are likely to lose knowledge of some of the skills they learned throughout the school year. Amazon company Ten Marks has created a free summer program intended to reduce this loss of math skills over the summer.

"The TenMarks Summer Math Program is designed for students completing grade 1 through Geometry and Algebra 2, helping build their math foundation and skills over the summer break at their own pace and time, and benefiting teachers who typically spend the first few weeks of a school year re-introducing the previous years’ teachings," according to the program's press release.

TenMarks programs, available to any and all families from May 19-August 31, 2015, and is designed to increase problem solving skills and gain overall confidence in math skills and learning.

Not to mention the program has proven to work thus far. "'In 2014, the TenMarks Summer Math Program helped reverse summer learning loss for over 69% of participating students—in just 8 weeks, with one-hour of use per week, these students averaged a double-digit increase in scores from assessments conducted at the beginning and at the end of the program,' said Rohit Agarwal, co-founder of TenMarks and general manager of Amazon K-12 Education," according to the press release.

According to the press release, TenMarks says that over 55,000 schools in over 12,000 districts are using its summer math program, a 200 percent increase in student activity from the prior year.

Read the full press release here and comment below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education Contributor


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