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AltSchool Looks to Reinvent K-8 Schools: Former Google, Uber Employees Join

AltSchool Looks to Reinvent K-8 Schools: Former Google, Uber Employees Join

Increased security in schools is starting to transform them into maximum-security facilities rather than educational ones, but one company aims to change that with technology and Google, Uber and Zynga seem to be onboard as well.

“San Francisco-based AltSchool is on a mission to pioneer a new model of K-8 education with a proprietary technology platform that includes data analysis,” according to San Francisco’s CBSLocal, “wearable devices and small class sizes to emphasize individualized learning.”

Though the school is based in the Bay Are, founder Max Ventilla, formerly of Google, aims to reinvent the way all K-8 schools are focused. AltSchool was founded in 2013 and according to the article it has already raised $33 million in funding. The project looks to get a boost with backing from Google, Uber and Zynga, with the ultimate goal of propelling it into fruition.

“With rises in school shootings and violence, the U.S. is moving towards a future where campuses feel less school-like and more prison-like,” said Michael Ginty, former Uber Technologies’ Head of Global Security, now AltSchool’s head of safety, according to the article.

“As a father of two young children, I want my kids to learn without fear or concern for safety, in an environment without high fences and armed guards. Designed right, technology can enable security measures to remain nearly invisible to students and teachers, while providing parents much-needed peace of mind.”

The school not only wants its curriculum geared toward technology and future careers for the students studying, but they also want to harness that technology in order to make their learning environment safer without the feeling of confinement and entrapment.

“Education is one of the fundamental ways to improve humanity,” said Google Engineer Bharat Mediratta, now Chief Technology Officer for AltSchool. “As the father of three children, I am highly motivated to use my decade of Google experience to enable the AltSchool platform to grow and scale.”

With a dedicated mission to create a safer environment while providing top of the line education in a positive environment, the project aims to reinvent the way K-8 institutions are viewed by children attending them, educators, administrators and parents.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.


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