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Ahead of Trump Administration, Department of Education Releases Information Involving the Education of Immigrant Children

Ahead of Trump Administration, Department of Education Releases Information Involving the Education of Immigrant Children

The Department of Education has released information for educators, school leaders and families regarding pertinent Department of Homeland Security policies on immigration to best ensure the education "for all children."

The information, released via press release, is intended to help educators and families "have a clear understanding of policies and resources that can support the creation of safe learning environments, and ultimately, children’s development and learning."

Specifically, the information is focused on the education of students who are immigrants. The information is being released in the finals days of a Department of Education headed by Education Secretary John B. King Jr. and just one week before President-elect Donald Trump takes office; Trump’s campaign has revolved around introducing tough immigration policies.

The information released includes a new resource guide designed to help early learning educators:

(1) facilitate school enrollment by immigrant families

(2) promote healthy child development in the school setting

(3) encourage caregiver engagement in children’s education

(4) build staff capacity and knowledge about immigrant students and their educational needs

The release also includes detailed information about two Department of Homeland Security policies that are relevant to the education of immigrant children.

The first policy is one that "defines immigration enforcement activity around 'sensitive locations,' including schools and school bus stops, as well as other community spaces and social activities" while the other is one that highlights requirements for teachers to provide young people who are in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody with timely access to educational materials.

These materials, the Department says, are to be sent by a local education agency, school, school administrator, or individual teacher who will then grade these materials when completed and received back. 

"Whether at home or at school, as parents or as educators, the foremost issue in our minds is the well-being of our children. By being informed and working together, we can ensure that all children have the educational access they need and deserve to be safe, secure, and happy," the press release reads.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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