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Adobe Launches 'Slate,' a New Multimedia Presentation App

Adobe's new iPad app, Slate, will make it possible for students and teachers to produce and share multimedia presentations on any platform.

"Slate allows users to combine text and images into template-driven, multi-page interactive documents that offer transition effects, professionally designed typographical themes and photo layouts and cover treatments, all in an HTML5 package that is viewable through all modern browsers," reports THE Journal.

As Adobe described it: "Bringing Adobe's unrivaled creative software expertise — across digital imagery, page-layout, typography, and Web design — to a mass audience, Slate is made for anyone who wants to communicate with impact. Students, teachers, non-profit organizations, small business owners or corporate communicators can now turn their next report, newsletter or travel adventure into a document that captures attention. Through professionally designed magazine-style layouts with elegant fonts, beautiful colors and eye-catching motion, Slate content automatically adapts to any device for a high-impact reading experience on tablets, smartphones or computers. Slate creations are links that can be shared easily via text message, email, embedded in websites, or posted on social media channels."

The program is now available on iTunes, and you can find more information at

"Adobe has also released an update to Adobe Voice, its free storytelling tool for iPad. The new version offers improved text overlays, new font layouts and new motion graphics. It also offers the ability to see how many times a presentation has been viewed, and it includes categorized video examples."

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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