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Principal: Teachers Need to Work Together to Differentiate Instruction

Principal Encourages Teachers to Team Up With Special Educators

Special education teachers quite often hold specialized knowledge that is not only applicable to the population they serve, but ends up being very useful for the core subject teachers they work near.

Elementary School Principal Sam LeDeaux shares tips for teachers to use differentiated instruction, including turning to special education teachers for guidance, in the blog

With a different kind of emphasis and focus recently (last couple decades or so) on mainstream differentiation, I think we must turn to our SPED educators for guidance. They’ve been doing it all along. The premise of special education is to work with colleagues and families to devise an individualized education plan (IEP) to meet kids at their learning readiness levels. Recent mandates and expectations have placed the same accountability on general education teachers for mainstreamed students.

LeDeaux said he feels that teachers want to reach all of their students.

"However, in reality, it is a challenge–and not an area of strength–in public education," he said. "Time, resources, and manpower are just a few constraints that make this task challenging."

LeDeaux offers tips for teachers to team up with special education teachers.

This is the work they’ve always done for kids. Working with all staff who have any kind of relationship with the student [academic, social, emotional], along with parents, as a team to target strengths and areas for improvement is their everyday job. They design goals and plans to reach said goals. They continuously check in with one another, formally and informally, monitoring progress along the way, always including parents. They make adjustments as necessary, always in an effort to create success, build confidence, and foster independence.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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