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Maryland District Will Welcome 800 New Teachers This Fall

800 New Teachers Enter Prince George's County for the Fall

This year, Prince George's County, Maryland, public schools will welcome 800 new teachers. 

According to, the large group of teachers is being inducted into the school district this week, participating in a week of activities that will ease the transition of incoming and "seasoned" teachers into the classroom. Master teachers will introduce the new educators to the curriculum and resources of the school system and familiarize them with the beginning routines and more. 

School officials, the article said, realize that the district's 800 new teachers were hired because of attrition, with staff retiring or seeking higher-paying jobs. Enrollment in Prince George's County is also a factor, with its numbers increasing after years of decline. School officials said an additional 1,200 students are expected to enroll, which will require 300 new teaching positions. 

"We're turning children back to public schools," said Douglas Anthony, executive director of the district's Office of Talent Development. "We're really excited. We have a great new superintendent, and so there's a lot of great energy and synergy in Prince George's County. So, we're excited to have all the folks join us."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWord Contributor

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