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8 Original Goodbye Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Teacher

1. Manicure Kit for “Painting Bright Futures”

Create a personalized manicure kit for your student’s favorite teacher with a tag that says “Teachers like you paint bright futures!” Manicure tools can be found easily at any drug store and will surely be appreciated by teachers looking to pamper themselves before summer begins.

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2. “Progress" Memory Jar

Let your teacher know how much he or she helped your child by writing down moments of progress your child displayed throughout the year.

Put these memories into a jar which you can decorate to your liking and remind your teacher how important his or her work is.

3. GoFundMe Project for Next Year

As we all know, teachers have to spend a ton of money per year on school supplies. Let your teacher know you have his or her back by starting a funding page for something the classroom needs to ideally be funded by the next school year.

Teachers have the option of funding projects themselves on, but doing the work and thinking about it for them is a super thoughtful gesture that will surely be appreciated.

Examples of good projects to fund range from everything like funding Chromebooks for the classroom to funding supplies for yoga. You know your teacher best, so you know what he or she needs most.

4. Teacher Survival Kit

Another great way to give your teacher a personalized gift for next school year.

Check out this resource that includes things to put in such a survival kit- with witty notes to boot.

5. Alex & Ani ‘Apple of Abundance’ Charm Bangle

A must-have for every trendy teacher. A great and relatively inexpensive purchase for the teacher that doesn’t yet have one. Check it out here. 

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6.Giftcards, Giftcards & More Gift Cards.

If you don’t have a ton of time to commit to a craft idea, gift cards are still a great way to show appreciation because teachers can definitely use them. Some places teachers appreciate the most are: Starbucks, Amazon, Staples, and Barnes & Noble to name a few.

You can still make gift cards a personal gift by adding touches like these teacher appreciation gift card holders- totally free to print!

7.Slideshow with Classroom Memories

You really can never go wrong with an end-of-the-year slideshow that commemorates special moments for naturally-reflective teachers. This tutorial walks you through how to make an impressive slideshow using free tools. By following this guide, you can use classroom memories to create a polished product that looks as if its’ professionally done.

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8.Fancy Apple & Caramel Gift

What teacher doesn’t like a yummy treat for eating on the go? This apple and caramel gift idea from is adorable and is incredibly easy to make. Check it out here.



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