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71 Percent of New York Respondents Support the Common Core

71 Percent of New York Respondents Support the Common Core

According to initial responses from a comprehensive survey considering feedback on the Common Core, a majority of New York respondents are in support of the standards.

And a majority of those respondents, interestingly enough, are teachers.

"Of the 5,500 respondents, more than 60 percent were teachers and 22 percent were parents. That means about 1.5 percent of New York teachers have responded to the survey so far,” said the New York Chalkbeat.

In other words, a majority of teachers seemingly support the Common Core standards in New York, an unexpectedly positive response to the efforts launched by New York officials to further review the standards.

Many education officials are surprised by the survey's results thus far.

"We’ve had so many people across the state that I’ve heard that have said, ‘Oh, I hate the standards...When they’ve gone onto the survey, however, we haven’t had an overwhelming number say they don’t like the standards,'" said New York's education commissioner MaryEllen Elia to the Chalkbeat.

The data was presented at the beginning of the week by Elia, who reiterated her stance on scaling back on standardized testing but not overhauling the standards.

The survey will continue collecting responses until Nov. 30, after which the final results will be presented to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to help aid him in his goal to review the standard before legislative session in January.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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