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60 Percent of Denver’s Schools to Use Teacher Mentorship Program to Support New Teachers

60 Percent of Denver’s Schools to Use Teacher Mentorship Program to Support New Teachers

After implementing a mentorship program in 2013, Denver officials have decided it will be expanded to 60 percent of the city’s schools next school year.

Called the Teacher Leadership and Collaboration program, strong teachers are paired with up-and-coming instructors for half of the school days to ensure that new teachers receive the support they need.

Lead teachers are selected for their ability to control a classroom and be instructional experts so that new instructors can learn from the best. But though the effort has proven to be very successful in producing effective teachers, it does not come without some difficulties.

In order to replace lead teachers who will spend half of their days outside of their classrooms, the district must hire new teachers to replace them, a move that could prove to be challenging in a profession consistently facing shortages.

Officials believe the potential challenge is worth it, since a majority of Denver educators stand behind the program.

“Ninety percent of teachers participating in the Teacher Leadership Collaboration in Denver say their teacher mentor has filled their classroom with a passion for student learning while facilitating teacher support that improves job performance, according to an all-staff survey,” said the Denver Post.

It’s no surprise that a large school district is finding success by offering mentorship and collaboration programs.

Research has consistently shown that new teachers have an increased likelihood to both stay in the profession and succeed if they are involved in mentorship programs. 

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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