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Five Back-to-School Activities to Help Re-Focus Students

5 Activities to Re-Focus Students This Fall

As students begin to enter school doors, it will be challenging to ease them back into the school-day routine. Students, especially younger ones, may be distracted or unmotivated. 

EducationDive offers teachers five activities to re-focus students at the beginning of the school year. One of the activities involves playing a short TED Talk. 

"Depending on the age group, playing a short motivational TED Talk can be a great opportunity to re-center students and get them ready for the tasks at hand," the article said. "TED's website makes this process especially easy, since it allows users to filter the type of talk they want. Educators can take note of the type of motivation they need and choose a video accordingly." Informative, Beautiful, Inspiring, Courageous and Persuasive are just a few of the options from which educators can choose.

Read the full list. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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