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3rd Quote Database May Make EdTech Decisions Easier for K-12

3rd Quote Database May Make EdTech Decisions Easier For K-12

3rd Quote, a database for school districts, has introduced Report Card and Budget Planner features to their online marketplace in order to help make the purchase of EdTech easier and affordable for schools.

“K-12 school technology leaders have a difficult time finding, researching, buying, and reviewing quality EdTech products in an efficient manner,” reports ESchoolNews. “3rd Quote bridges this gap by providing Schools a discovery engine, an automated proposal request system, provider reviews, a collaborative production evaluation tool (Report Card), comparative pricing data, budget planning tool, and real-time data.”

What 3rd Quote has done is create an efficient way for schools EdTech directors and coordinators to spend on technological tools for their schools. It simplifies the needs and helps match the school budget so that there are no discrepancies where spending is involved. 

“We are pleased and honored by their and other’s reaction to 3rd Quote. These are hard working people with a lot on their plates and not much time. Democratization, empowerment, collaboration, and giving voice is in our DNA as a company,” says Alpesh Patel, 3rd Quote COO & Co-Founder, according to the article.

Patel also said that he and his company “are impassioned about offering a product that will truly help these school tech directors in Iowa, Georgia, and across the US.”

The service will available all over the U.S. therefore schools everywhere can reap the benefits and make better use of their tech budget.

“Shortening the EdTech sales cycle and helping schools to improve their purchasing decisions through the use of our simple to use tools is our mission,” says Patel.

 Report Card and Budget Tool is broken down in the article where Report Card plays the role of an assessment that will include stakeholders in the schools opinion on who they should use as their EdTech provider as well as finding solutions to empowering the EdTech directors.

“The Budget Tool is another industry first for K-12 schools,” according to the article. “It is designed with the Director of Technology, Technology Coordinator, and/or Network Manager in mind.”

Efficiency is the ultimate goals of these tools and all key features are highlighted within the article from funding sources and category selection in Budget Tool to review ratings and a commenting system.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor


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