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100-Year-Old Educator Honored for Work Teaching Generations of Students

100-Year-Old Educator Honored for Work Teaching Generations of Students

Eugenia Bumpass is a 100-year-old educator who has taught generations of students and is being honored in her hometown for her former work as a teacher and her current influence to this day acting as a local historian within the community.

"The centenarian is being honored with a library and media center named after her at Louisa County High School in Mineral, Virginia, where she taught for over 30 years since 1935 when she was only 20, according to current school district superintendent Deborah Pettit," said ABC News.

Today, she's described as a "walking role model" to her students. Born and raised in Louisa County, she went to the University of Virginia and upon graduating came back to teach. She never left.

"'She acts as our local historian and is always teaching us about the county's rich past. She's still sharp and reads voraciously, and she's always recommending good books for me and others to read at the library, where she still serves as a board member,'" said the district's superintendent Deborah Pettit to ABC News. vTo this day, some of Bumpass' fondest memories from her long life are the ones she made teaching.

"The century-old educator explained that her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the moment a student finally understands a frustrating, new concept," the article said.

In addition to her love for sharing her extensive knowledge of the town's history, she's also a stickler for grammar and is sure to correct you if you're wrong.

Despite the many, many things that have happened since Bumpass first started teaching in 1935 one thing has not changed: Bumpass' love for the profession.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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