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Fit to Be Taught, Vol. 35

Let's Get Physical!

Share Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with Education World's tour of physical fitness Web sites. Get your students moving with hundreds of "active-ities" -- with the emphasis on active!

Each year, on the first Wednesday in May -- which also happens to be the first Wednesday in National Physical Fitness and Sports Month -- millions of school children all over the globe exercise together as part of Project ACES.

"Project ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) aims to educate children about the importance of lifelong fitness and to end the stereotype that children are fat, weak, and lazy," says Len Saunders, a Montville, New Jersey, physical education teacher who created the program in 1989. "Project ACES aims to make fitness fun!

"There is no specific routine to follow," added Saunders. "The children might walk, jog, bike, dance, do aerobics, or a combination of all of them for 15 minutes. Many schools invite local celebrities to the event. Most schools get the entire school population out on the playground, put on music, and get everyone in the school to have some fun by moving and exercising together."

If the students in your school didn't participate last year in Project ACES, now is the time to start planning for an All Children Exercising Simultaneously assembly in your school. Join five million students from all 50 states and almost 50 countries in "the world's largest exercise class." Check out Project ACES

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Wellness News
Prices Pushing Healthful Foods off Menus Increases in the cost of milk, grain, and fresh fruits and vegetables are forcing schools to turn to less-healthful lunch options.

Coffee Sales in Schools Grow The increase of in-school coffee shops has some health experts concerned.

Schools, Community Unite to Promote Wellness

The goal of the Hawthorne (California) School District Nutrition and Food Services' Nutrition Network program is to link the cafeteria, classroom, and community to create school environments that reflect a comprehensive commitment to the health and well-being of students.

High-quality, nutritious foods are an integral part of the total education program; nutrition education is fully integrated into the core curriculum, and students engage in healthful levels of physical activity throughout the school day.

Every school cafeteria highlights a "Garden Bar," which provides a variety of fruit and vegetable choices daily. Monthly "Harvest of the Month" promotions highlight seasonal produce.

The Nutrition Network Team includes a full-time teacher who offers monthly teacher trainings that link nutrition and physical activity to the core subject areas at all grade levels, and highlights nutrition and physical activity as an integral part of the district's health curriculum.

A Nutrition Network Team member also writes an article every week for the local newspaper and the team has partnered with local non-profit community agencies to promote healthy eating at health fairs and other community events.

Read more about this program at: Hawhorne School District Nutrition Network.

Click to learn more about Action for Healthy Kids.

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