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NCLB Updates


Education World news editor Ellen Delisio tracks down education news from across the nation and around the world. Some sites credited in this archive may require free registration. Some links may be valid for only a brief period of time.

Cox Elementary Principal Leila Mizer Will Step Away
Leila Mizer has implemented program after program in order to meet NCLB standards. "I've tried everything I know, but we just keep toggling between a C and a D [we] keep moving inches and not feet." 03/25/09

School Arts Curriculum Not Hurt By NCLB
A government report found that elementary school time devoted to art and music hasn't changed despite the ongoing pressures of standardized testing in core subjects such as math and science. 03/17/09

Calling the Baby Ugly
George Will touts Arne Duncan's Chicago efforts by saying NCLB has "been lying to children and their parents because states have dumbed down their standards Sometimes you have to call the baby ugly." 03/14/09

Bush: Maintain NCLB
President George W. Bush said the No Child Left Behind Act should not be weakened when he leaves office because it has "forever changed America's school systems." 01/14/09

Court: Parents Can't Sue Districts to Follow NCLB Act
A federal appeals court has ruled that parents cannot sue school districts to force them to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act. 12/03/08

Experts Expect Changes to NCLB
With a new administration coming to Washington, the No Child Left Behind Act almost certainly will face profound revisions, education experts from across the U.S. said. 11/19/08

More Flexibility for ELL Students
Bowing to complaints from state officials and advocates for English-language learners, the federal government has published a final-and more flexible-"interpretation" of how states should carry out the section of the No Child Left Behind Act that applies to such students. 10/29/08

Spellings: Keep NCLB in the Forefront
As the two major presidential candidates distance themselves from the No Child Left Behind Act, U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is urging greater support for the law's underlying principles. 09/24/08

Spellings Glad NCLB Reauthorization Delayed
U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings is glad that the No Child Left Behind Act wasn't reauthorized as scheduled last year, because "where we were headed would have been a bad reauthorization." 09/17/08

Council to Advise on NCLB Issues
The U.S. Department of Education appointed 16 members to the National Technical Advisory Council, which will advise the department on state standards, assessments, and accountability systems as they apply to NCLB. 08/27/08

NCLB Standards Straining Some Schools
An increasing number of schools in such states as Kentucky and Minnesota are finding it harder to meet tougher NCLB standards, data shows. 08/20/08

State Calls NCLB Goals Unrealistic
While more Hawaiian students scored higher on standardized tests this year, 60 percent of public schools failed to make adequate yearly progress due to what education officials called unrealistic NCLB expectations. 07/30/08

Dept. of Education Approves Two Growth Model Pilots
Two growth models were approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Michigan is approved to use the growth model for the 2007-2008 school year. Missouri's growth model is approved on the condition that the state adopt a uniform minimum group size for all subgroups. 06/11/08

Hundreds of Districts Face Sanctions
Across the U.S., 411 school districts in 27 states now face intervention after failing to meet their goals under NCLB for four years. Possible sanctions districts face include restructuring or even state takeover. 05/21/08

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  • Reading First Not Improving Scores
    Students enrolled in the $6 billion federal Reading First program that is at the heart of the No Child Left Behind law are not reading any better than those who don't participate, according to a U.S. government report. 05/14/08

    Last Piece of NCLB Lawsuit Dismissed
    A federal judge dismissed the final piece of Connecticut's 2005 lawsuit challenging the cost of the No Child Left Behind Act. 05/07/08

    Proposed Regulations Aimed at Strengthening NCLB
    U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings proposed new regulations for NCLB that focus on improved accountability and transparency, uniform and disaggregated graduation rates, and improved parental notification for supplemental education services and public school choice. 04/30/08

    Report: Better Graduation Oversight Needed
    Ensuring the accuracy of states' graduation data would be easier if the Department of Education had more forcefully implemented provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, said the department's office of inspector general. 04/23/08

    Both Democratic Candidates Criticize NCLB
    Both Democratic presidential candidates, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, have criticized NCLB on the campaign trail. Clinton now says NCLB should be abolished, and Obama is calling for an overhaul. 04/16/08

    Dept. of Ed. Proposing Uniform Graduation-Rate Formula
    U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings plans to propose that states use a uniform graduation-rate formula and publish data on the graduation rates of students from different racial and socioeconomic groups. 04/09/08

    Conflicting Mandates Hurt Struggling Schools
    Requirements that are at odds are preventing some of the nation's struggling schools from getting the financial help envisioned by the No Child Left Behind Act to boost achievement, notes a report issued by the Government Accountability Office. 04/02/08

    NCLB to Give States More Flexibility
    Up to ten states will be able to dispense different sanctions to schools in need of improvement based on the degree to which they miss annual progress goals, announced U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. 03/26/08

    NCLB Lowering Teacher Morale
    Morale is sinking among West Virginia teachers because of pressure from NCLB to raise test scores and teachers being forced to narrow the curriculum, union and education officials told U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. 03/19/08

    Spellings Seeks Support for NCLB
    U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings is traveling the country, trying to generate support to keep No Child Left Behind alive, with a potential change in the White House on the horizon. 03/12/08

    State Weighs Leaving NCLB Behind
    If the federal government refuses to grant Virginia's waiver requests, the state's board of education could plan a withdrawal from the NCLB Act by July 2009. The decision could cost the state more than $350 million per year in federal aid. 03/05/08

    Accountability Systems Fuel Drop-Out Rates
    The atmosphere of high-stakes, test-based accountability promoted by the No Child Left Behind Act has had a direct, negative impact on graduation rates, according to a Texas study. 02/27/08

    Critics Blast NCLB
    Critics of the No Child Left Behind Act called on educators at the Wisconsin State Reading Association convention to fight for the right for teachers to decide what is taught in their classrooms. 02/20/08

    Key Democrats, President Seek NCLB Renewal
    Congressional Democratic leaders on education said they are refocusing their efforts to renew the No Child Left Behind Act and plan to move quickly. But action could be delayed because of strained relations with the president. 02/13/08

    Study: NCLB Neglects Low, High Performers
    A recent study by two University of Chicago economists suggests that the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is leaving numerous children behind, especially low and high performers. 02/06/08

    Board Defies NCLB Mandate
    The Milwaukee (Wisconsin) School Board has dropped a main element of a plan to get the school system off the list of districts needing improvement under the No Child Left Behind Act. 01/30/08

    Spellings to Push for NCLB Changes
    Education Secretary Margaret Spellings says she plans to use her executive authority to push through changes to the No Child Left Behind Act that have stalled in Congress. 01/23/08

    Court Ruling Revives NCLB Challenges
    A federal appeals court decision has revived a lawsuit filed by three states and the National Education Association challenging the funding of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. 01/16/08

    Pilot "Growth Models" Open to All States
    All states that meet federal criteria now will be allowed to participate in the U.S. Department of Education's 2-year-old experiment with "growth models," which let states measure individual students' achievement gains to meet NCLB requirements. 01/09/08

    NCLB Needs Common Standards
    Reporter John Merrow writes that the No Child Left Behind Act should not be reauthorized until the law's loopholes are closed. "The federal law encourages statistical manipulations that make reports of academic progress suspect and, in some cases, virtually meaningless." 12/12/07

    Candidates Sidestepping NCLB
    The No Child Left Behind Act has created splits within each political party, and most of the presidential candidates have been reluctant to talk about the law, according to one editorial. 12/05/07

    NCLB Data on Violence Skewed
    An NCLB provision requiring states to identify "persistently dangerous schools" is hampered by widespread underreporting of violent incidents and major differences in how states define unsafe campuses, some audits indicate. 11/28/07

    NCLB Reauthorization in Doubt for This Year
    The reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act is bogged down and no formal legislation has been introduced to reauthorize it. Senator Edward M. Kennedy said it is unlikely any action will be taken this year. 11/14/07

    Juggling Changes to NCLB
    Democratic U.S. Representative George Miller of California, chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, has drafted 1,036 pages of proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind Act, but still is having trouble pleasing some legislators and educators. 11/07/07

    Senate Looks at High School Reform
    The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee recently released portions of its draft legislation to reauthorize NCLB. The Senate bill includes much-needed resources for the nation's lowest-performing high schools. 10/31/07

    Report: Only States With Low Standards Will Meet Proficiency Goals
    Some education experts fear that allowing states to set their own proficiency standards for reading and math tests will mean that only the states with the lowest standards will meet NCLB proficiency goals by 2014. 10/24/07

    States Receive Grants to Assess Students With Disabilities
    The U.S. Department of Education has awarded more than $14 million to help states meet requirements for students with disabilities under the No Child Left Behind Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 10/17/07

    Report: Varying Standards Hurt NCLB
    A study of state achievement tests by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute offers evidence that NCLB's goal of all students performing well in reading and math is undermined by wide variations in how states define a passing score. 10/10/07

    Education Secretary Cites Gains under NCLB
    U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings said that gains in reading and math scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed that NCLB mandates are working. 10/03/07

    Spellings: Expand NCLB to High Schools
    Among the Bush administration's goals is expanding the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act to high schools, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings said during a stop in Cincinnati. 09/26/07

    Bill Aims at Rebalancing Curriculum
    A proposal for the reauthorization of NCLB would allow states to include student scores from state tests in history and other subjects as additional measures of how schools were performing. 09/19/07

    Anti-Bullying Measure Proposed for NCLB
    During discussions in Congress about revisions to the No Child Left Behind Act, a proposal was made to require schools to report on school violence, which now schools self-report voluntarily. 09/12/07

    Former Aides Oppose NCLB Renewal
    President Bush urged lawmakers to renew No Child Left Behind, his landmark education initiative, but one of his biggest political liabilities in achieving that goal comes from an unlikely source: his former aides. 07/27/07