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Inspiring Teachers


Education World news editor Ellen Delisio tracks down education news from across the nation and around the world. Some sites credited in this archive may require free registration. Some links may be valid for only a brief period of time.

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  • Teacher Finds Success
    Helping Dyslexics Read

    Alabama special-education teacher Celia Sofie has been honored for her work helping dyslexic students learn to read. 04/15/09

    School's Namesake
    Stays Involved With Students

    When the Clark County School District named an elementary school after him, Neil C. Twitchell and his wife, Wanda, took it as a tremendous honor, but also as a responsibility to stay involved. 03/24/09

    81-Year-Old Retiree Gets Raves
    As Math SAT Tutor

    Retired Connecticut teacher Joel Lorden tutors students from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. six days a week, helping college-bound students prepare for the SATs.03/18/09

    Teacher Helps Students Get Immigration Papers
    Judah Lakin worries about getting his students' immigration papers so that they can afford college. Illegal immigrants do not qualify for federal financial aid or, in many states, in-state tuition. 03/09/09

    Teacher With Far-Reaching Aspirations Has Date in Space
    Joe Acaba blasts off into space this week as one of two "educator astronauts" aboard the shuttle Discovery. NASA hopes the teachers will inspire students to study math and science. 03/08/09

    Minnesota's Longest-Serving Teachers
    Karene Churchill and Jerry Tedrow both graduated college in 1957 and have taught ever since. That means that each has been on the job for more than half a century. They've earned the right to reflect. 03/06/09

    1000 Books for 1000 Kids
    City-wide program distributes books about black leaders and brings black leaders to schools to encourage all students to read and learn and to use their creativity and imagination to become successful community leaders. 03/04/09

    Board Game Drops Kids Into History
    Oregon teacher Karanja Crews created a board game to reinforce reading skills and teach what it was like for slaves to live through one of the most tumultuous and divisive parts of American history. 02/19/09

    Teachers Act Quickly to Administer CPR
    Two calm and quick-thinking teachers may have saved a little girl's life Friday after the 6-year-old collapsed while walking across the gymnasium at a Boston school due to an unknown problem with her heart. 02/16/09

    Fifteen Educators Share Lottery Win
    They've been playing the same lottery numbers for seven years. Recently, those 15 educators bought the winning $76 million ticket. Their win may save some young teachers' jobs. 02/12/09

    Frugal Math Teacher
    Donates $2M to College

    Math teacher Laura Bickimer , whose salary never exceeded $40,000 per year, left $2 million to her alma mater Baldwin-Wallace College when she died at age 93. 02/11/09

    Teacher Relies on 'Three-Step' System
    Award-winning Alabama teacher April Kennamer relies on a three-step system to teaching. She said she guides students to find their own answers, fosters their curiosity, and promotes "respect for all things" by encouraging the free exchange of ideas as well as taking "a careful approach to discipline." 01/28/09

    Teacher Composes Lyrics for Classical Music
    In search of a way to teach troubled teens about classical music, Archway (Utah) Youth Services School teacher Debbie Rowe penned lyrics for about 70 pieces, including Gregorian chants and music by Mozart and Beethoven. The lyrics detail the composers' lives and the histories behind the masterpieces. 01/07/09

    Teachers Sacrifice, Get Creative to Help Schools
    The recent economic downturn and anticipated budget shortfalls in many states have led to teacher sacrifices and ingenuity. Some teachers unions have given up pay raises, while many teachers are getting creative to raise money for supplies. 12/17/08

    Teacher Sells Ads on Tests to Cover Printing Costs
    After the Poway (California) Unified School District cut funds for printing, Rancho Bernardo High School calculus teacher Tom Farber began selling ads on his tests to cover his printing expenses. 12/10/08

    School Librarian Donates $1.12 Million to College
    The estate of retired school librarian Jane Iris Crutchfield has left $1.12 million to her alma mater, the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Crutchfield died in 2006 at the age of 92. 12/03/08

    Principal Camps on Roof for Four Days
    Cecil McClellan, principal of Kathleen High School in Lakeland, Florida, spent four nights camping on the school roof of Kathleen to settle a bet he made to encourage students to meet state test requirements. 11/05/08

    Teacher Helps Kids Break Stereotypes
    First-grade teacher Maggie Doben's students at the Cambridge Friends School have the chance to befriend at least half a dozen people with a wide range of physical disabilities during an eight-week program to help children become more sensitive to differences. 10/08/08

    How Good Teachers Connect
    Teachers who make learning interactive, tell stories about their own youth, or proudly display children's work tend to quickly win over students, a top special ed teacher says. 09/24/08

    Kindergarten Teacher's First Lesson: Try Hard
    First-time kindergarten teacher Darin Peets, who is a quadriplegic, told his young students they need to try new things before asking for his help. Peets previously taught older students. 09/10/08

    Former Music Teacher Promotes Different Approach to Instruction
    Former Memphis, Tennessee, music teacher Dr. Deanna Stark now presents workshops for educators on Orff Schulwerk, an approach that stresses interactive, experiential learning. 09/03/08

    Educators Paying to Stock Classrooms
    Severe budget cuts in the Clark County, Nevada, district have led to teachers spending more of their own money on classroom supplies. 08/27/08

    Principal Spends Summer Visiting Students
    Armed with maps and back-to-school information and aboard a scooter, Saghalie (Federal Way, Washington) Middle School principal Damon Hunter visited the home of every one of his 600 students this summer. 08/14/08

    School Strives to Help Poor Kids Learn
    Sherrie Gahn, principal of Whitney Elementary School in East Las Vegas, Nevada, has made it her mission to ensure her students get what they need to help them learn -- including food, clothes, eyeglasses, and haircuts. 06/10/08

    Alumni Serenade Former Music Teacher
    Former students came from all over to honor retiring Chula Vista (California) music teacher Ron Bolles with a special concert. Money raised by the concert went to arts education. 05/31/08

    Teacher Delays Retirement at Request of Dying Former Student
    Sixth-grade teacher Mary Brown retired this year from Francis Parker Middle School in San Diego after fulfilling a promise she made years ago to a dying former student: to delay her retirement until she taught his son. 05/31/08

    Woman Donates Kidney to Former Teacher
    Darren Paquin, an English teacher at Elwood (Indiana) Community High School, received a special gift from former student Angie Collins: a kidney. Paquin was suffering from kidney failure. 05/13/08


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