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The Kids Guide to the Millennium

Do you need some millennium-sized ideas for millennium-related activities in your classroom? The Kids Guide to the Millennium will start you on the way. Don't wait to get in on the show!

Kids Guide To The Millenium Book CoverThe Kids Guide to the Millennium, by Ann Love and Jane Drake, will give your class enough ideas to fill the time from now to 2001!

This new book from Kids Can Press opens by addressing the question of whether the new millennium begins with the year 2000 -- or 2001. After explaining the use of A.D. and B.C. after dates, The Kids Guide to the Millennium says

"When people started counting years in this way, they didn't include a year 0 between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. If they started counting at year 1, then 2000 years will not really have passed until the year 2001. Whoops-are we actually celebrating the millennium one year early?"

Early or not, we are going to see the date change -- and big time! As the book says, "Decades come every 10 years, centuries every 100, but a millennium comes around only once every 1,000 years."

The Guide offers a 2000-year time line that runs the length of the book. Students will find interesting tidbits.

  • Pepper became popular in Rome, in the year 20 A.D.
  • The foot was first used as a unit of measure in 789 (and students will learn whose foot that was!).
  • Arabic numerals were used in 975.
Certainly enough material is provided for students to create their own grand time lines -- running through the hallways of their school!


The authors include activities that provide both fun and learning. And teachers can use the activities to extend specific curriculum areas. Just think of the connections you can make with the following activities -- and these are only a few of the activities detailed in the book.

  • Make a Countdown Calendar.
  • Design a Millennium T-Shirt -- Get across the millennium message
  • Marking Time -- How calendars and clocks developed
  • A Day in the Life -- Compare your life with the life of someone in the past and the future
  • Old Without Mold -- The development of sandwiches
  • What's It Worth? -- A study of coins and other forms of money
  • The Games People Play -- Play old games, invent new ones
  • Garbage Tells a Story -- What happened to garbage long ago?
  • Cyber-Celebrating -- Web sites about the past, present, future, and the coming millennium
  • Your Gift to the Future -- Ways you can make the world a better place

Read The Kids Guide to the Millennium. You and your students will be ahead of the pack.

The Kids Guide to the Millennium is written by Ann Love and Jane Drake and illustrated by Bill Slavin. Ask your local bookseller to order the book for you, call the distributor directly at 1-800-805-1083, or write to Kids Can Press, Ltd., 85 Rivre Rock Drive - Suite 202, Buffalo, NY 14207-2170.

Article by Anne Guignon
Education World®
Copyright © 1998 Education World

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