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  • Extraordinary Americans Profiled in Book Series
    Two new installments in the Extraordinary People book series provide middle school kids with dozens of role models, from the talented people who shaped the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s to the gifted women who broke through gender barriers in sports. --01/10/2001

  • Move Into the Future
    A look into current technology to see how life in the 21st century might look. A world in which the future can hinge on the role played by society's artists. A boy living at the time of the plague wonders about the upcoming second millennium. This week's books examine the idea of "the future." --12/20/2000

  • Kids Can Explore the World With Four Great New Books
    For National Geography Awareness Week, Education World has found four great new books for elementary school children. Two atlases from National Geographic Society target different age and skill levels. A picture book makes mapmaking easy and relevant for kids. A pop-up book provides hands-on entertainment while introducing the basics about the world in which we live. --11/21/2000

  • The Last Book in the Universe
    Education World celebrates National Children's Book Week with a review of an exciting new futuristic book for young adults from Rodman Philbrick, author of Freak the Mighty. In The Last Book in the Universe, Philbrick presents a chillingly believable society in which books and storytelling have all but disappeared, leaving people cut off from their past and therefore from the future. --11/16/2000

  • The Native American Legacy
    Follow the yearly cycle of 12 full moons to learn about the lives of the early Algonquian people. Have your class perform a play based on a Native American folktale. Help students create Native American jewelry, clothing, and other crafts. Learn about the dwellings and the lives of the earliest inhabitants of the eastern woodlands of North America. Education World recommends four new books that help youngsters develop their knowledge of and appreciation for the legacy of Native Americans. --11/08/2000

  • The Immigration Experience
    Understanding the immigrant experience is essential to understanding the history and culture of the present-day United States. In this country, almost all people can trace their ancestry to other lands, Four new books help youngsters explore the complexity and diversity of the role that immigration played -- and continues to play -- in the United States. --10/04/2000

  • Voices of America: The Words That Shaped Our Nation
    This week, Education World celebrates the documents that helped define America with a new book from Scholastic, Inc. From the Declaration of Independence to the U.S. Supreme Court decision ending school segregation, this new book is the place to look for the words that inspired, educated, and shaped our nation. --07/05/2000

  • Picture Books for Children of *Every* Color!
    "Celebrate Black History Month by adding two new picture books to your classroom library. Both are about African American children --- and for all children. --02/14/2000

  • Br-r-r-ing the Tundra to Life in Your Classroom!
    "For weeks and weeks, the sun barely shines. An icy-cold winter wind wails and blows, arranging and rearranging the snow." That is January on the arctic tundra. Luckily, the visit *you* make will be a literary one! --01/17/2000

  • Celebrate Geography Awareness Week With Three New Titles!
    November 14-20 has been designated Geography Awareness Week, so this week Education World reviews three new titles with geography themes. --11/15/1999

  • National Geographic Introduces Two New Atlases -- Activities
    Too! The National Geographic Beginner's World Atlas and the National Geographic United States Atlas for Young Explorers are the latest in a children's series launched by the Society in 1998. Included: Geography activities for students and families!--11/15/1999

  • Three New Books Celebrate Hispanic Americans!
    September is Hispanic American Heritage Month, so this week Education World looks at a handful of new books that examine the warmth and history of the Hispanic culture. If you want to add to your library a new picture book (or two or three) or a wonderful new Hispanic history reference book perfect for middle-level students, you'll find something here of interest. Included: New books from illustrator Tomie dePaola and from the New York Public Library's Amazing History series!--09/27/1999

  • Mind Your Manners: New Books Help Out!
    Three new books use popular formats to remind students of good manners they already know! Use the books with kids of all ages, and then let them create their own imitation manner manuals. Your students are sure to say "Thank you" for a fun -- and educational -- classroom lesson!--05/17/1999

  • National Geographic Introduces World Atlas for Young Explorers
    Brand new in 1998 -- and just in time for National Geography Awareness Week -- the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers. A perfect companion for students of all ages! Included: Education World offers a dozen quick "geography awareness" activities to use with the new atlas!--11/16/1998

  • Speaking Up, Speaking Out: A Kids' Guide to Making Speeches, Oral Reports...
    It's your turn to give a speech or an oral report -- and you're a bundle of nerves! Speaking Up, Speaking Out offer tips to help students face their fears!--08/03/1998

  • Student Sleuths Solve Geography Mysteries!
    Get out the atlases, encyclopedias, and maps -- and let your students "go to town" with world geography! World Geography Mysteries, from The Learning Works, will turn your students into junior geographers. Included: Sample activities to share with students!--07/20/1998

  • Glimpse Into the World of an Aleut Boy
    It's Alaska as you've probably never seen it before It's Salmon Summer, a new Bruce McMillan book that explores -- in words and wondrous photos -- an Alaskan way of life.--06/22/1998

  • The Kids Guide to the Millennium
    Do you need some millennium-sized ideas for millennium-related activities in your classroom? The Kids Guide to the Millennium will start you on the way. Don't wait to get in on the show! --04/20/1998

  • The Day of the Dead: A "Lively" Tale of Mexican Culture
    A new children's book is a perfect book for this time of year -- and a perfect book for introducing Mexican culture to students from 6 to 60! --10/06/1997

  • A World (Almanac) of Information!Best of 97 Icon
    A world of information at your students' fingertips! No classroom library is complete without a copy of The World Almanac for Kids 98 --09/01/1997

  • Now Kids Can Have the World in Their Pockets!
    Just the thing for baggy, low-slung, big-pocketed jeans: The Kingfisher Young Peoples Pocket Atlas --07/14/1997

  • Multiculturalism
    Preparing Students for a Diverse and Global Society --06/15/1997