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Now Kids Can Have the World in Their Pockets!

Just the thing for baggy, low-slung, big-pocketed jeans: The Kingfisher Young Peoples Pocket Atlas. And to go along with it, two more pocket-sized volumes---a dictionary and a thesaurus!

Atlas Book Cover

New for 1997, The Kingfisher Young Peoples Pocket Atlas, makes an ideal classroom reference. This new atlas provides bite-sized bits about nearly 200 countries and comes with more than 2,000 full color illustrations---including 48 state-of-the-art relief maps.

The pocket-sized volume is organized by continent. No, not every country is covered in minute detail. But the text provides outlines of countries and/or regions (ie., the Andean States, the Middle East, Western Africa), with a handy locator globe for each one. Included is information about geography, history, economy, culture, language, and religion. Each countrys flag appears with a convenient thumbnail sketch that includes information about the countrys size and population, and its language, currency, and major exports. A thorough index will connect kids to any country they want to learn about.

Is the atlas up to date? As much as any atlas can be in an ever-changing world! The breakup of the former Soviet Union is covered. So are the breakups of the former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The atlas also includes explanations of the defeat of the Sandanistas in Nicaraguas 1990 elections; the turmoil in Northern Ireland; Austrias joining the European Union (1995); and the battle between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda and Burundi (1994).

[Note: For information about the worlds newest country, see the story about the Democratic Republic of Congo in Education Worlds Lesson Planning area this week.]

In addition, The Kingfisher Young Peoples Pocket Atlas provides full-page introductions to Planet Earth and The Solar System; a two-page spread of world superlatives (for example, the worlds hottest and coldest recorded temperatures, the most snow ever recorded, the strongest ground wind on record); and an explanation of how maps are made, including descriptions of a handful of map projections. The atlas also includes an up-to-date glossary full of words and terms such as apartheid, cash crop, deforestation, free market, guerilla, petrochemical, sanction, and shanty town.

Are there more thorough atlases for students? Sure there are! But The Kingfisher Young Peoples Pocket Atlas doesnt pretend to be National Geographic! It does, however, offer students a sense for how people live and work in the world of the 1990s. The atlas packs a huge amount of important information into 200 pages. And, best of all, its cost is under $10!


The new atlas isnt the only pocket-sized reference from Kingfisher. Two companion books of compact size---a dictionary and a thesaurus---are available too. Also, coming soon, The Kingfisher Young Peoples Atlas of the World, a hard-cover, full-size (9 inches by 12 inches) volume. Curious students will be able to journey from continent to continent with the help of more than 275 full-color maps and illustrations, easy-to-read charts of facts and figures, and much more. Available this fall from Kingfisher for $19.95. Check with your local bookseller for information about any of these Kingfisher books.

Article by Gary Hopkins
Education World® Editor-in-Chief
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