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  • Books Celebrate Grandparent-Grandchild Bond
    In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Grandparents Day, to be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, Education World reviews four new books about the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. --09/08/2000

  • The First Six Weeks of School: A Plan for Making the Other 36 Weeks Go Smoothly!
    The latest book from the folks behind the Responsive Classroom approach focuses on the all-important first six weeks of school. Careful planning of those first weeks can pay big dividends throughout the rest of the school year, according to Roxann Kriete, co-author of The First Six Weeks of School. Today, Kriete takes time to answer a handful of questions from Education World and to give our readers a preview of the kinds of helpful tips that pack the pages of this new book! Included: Tips for teaching students to be independent workers and chat about the importance of starting the day with a morning meeting and ending it with a brief period of reflection! --08/28/2000

  • Back to School Books Make the Grade!
    It's that time again! Kids begin looking forward -- with excitement, trepidation, or a little of both -- to the first day of a new school year. To help prepare them for the big day, Education World recommends three great new books. --08/09/2000

  • Cultivating Creativity!
    Kids often display incredible creativity on April Fools Day --- but those particular creative efforts are not always welcome or appropriate! This year, help your students use their imaginations and channel their creativity in productive ways, with three new books written for just that purpose. Included: One book for upper-grade students and two for young kids, plus five Web sites for inspiring creativity. --04/03/2000

  • Best of 1999 Books in Education Articles
    Friendship and conflict resolution. The life cycle and death. You'll find reviews of new books on those themes and more among this year's best Books In Education Articles. --12/20/1999

  • Capturing the Magic of Harry Potter
    A quick search of the Web reveals dozens of sites related to Harry Potter, the child hero of J. K. Rowling's best-selling series. The vast majority of the sites are the well-intentioned but amateur offerings of fans. This week, Education World focuses on two great Harry Potter resources that can help turn your students' fascination with the boy wizard into opportunities for learning. --11/22/1999

  • Magic: A Classroom Tool for Building Self-Confidence and Public Speaking Skills
    Thinking of putting together a class magic show? Want to help build your students' self-confidence? Just looking for a fun way to work public speaking into your curriculum? Magic could be the hook! --11/01/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES # 6
    This week: Everest, Mother Goose with a twist, the deep sea, math, and more! (This is the last installment in this special series.) --08/23/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES # 5
    Snakes, fossils, the biggest party in the United States, and more!--08/16/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES #4
    Check out our virtual library of Summer BOOK-TIVITIES for summer projects that will entertain and educate. This week: Crocodiles, China, fables, fun with modeling clay, and more! --08/09/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES #3
    Check out our virtual library of Summer BOOK-TIVITIES for summer projects that will entertain and educate. This week: Books and activities about lightning, teeth, masks, Mount Rushmore, and more!--08/02/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES #2
    Family trees, museum adventures, a scavenger hunt for facts, and more!--07/05/1999

  • Summer BOOK-TIVITIES #1
    Check out Summer BOOK-TIVITIES for summertime projects that will entertain and educate.--06/21/1999

  • Explore the Meaning of Friendship in New Children's Books
    What does it mean to be a friend? This week, Education World introduces six recent titles that will challenge young readers to explore the many meanings of friendship. These stories ---written with children in mind--- take on an added dimension in the days after the killings in Columbine, Colorado, for they carry simple but powerful messages about accepting people who are different and about getting along.--06/07/1999

  • WANTED: Summer Reading Lists for Kids!
    This summer, Education World and barnesandnoble.com are teaming up to promote summer reading! Won't you help us develop our graded summer reading lists? Then join us all summer long for fun and educational ideas for extending summer reading!--04/19/1999

  • Best of 1998 Books in Education Articles
    Poems about every aspect of the school day and some new books to help teachers combine literature and math skills were among the best of 1998's BOOKS IN EDUCATION stories on Education World. Check out our reviews of those books and more!--12/21/1998

  • Walter Wick Reaches Deep Into His Bag of (Optical) Tricks!
    A new book from the photographer of the popular I Spy series will befuddle and confuse readers with a series of illusions bent on fooling the eye. Students will revisit this book again and again, developing keener observation and critical thinking skills with each reread!--09/21/1998

  • Lively Discussions!
    Lively Discussions! is BIG on ideas for teachers across the grades who want to get high mileage from classroom discussions. --11/03/1997