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  • Make a Place for These Books About Space!
    What is living in space like? How did the universe begin? Are there other worlds like ours? Children often have seemingly endless questions about space. This week, Education World looks at four books that answer students' questions and provide additional fascinating facts, stories, and activities to help make the study of space fun, educational, and exciting.--11/29/2000

  • Dive Into Ocean Books!
    Each year, book publishers introduce an ocean of new resources relating to the sea and the creatures that live in it. This week, Education World reviews a handful of the latest books, including general titles about sea creatures and specific titles about sharks and dolphins.--07/26/2000

  • Creepy-Crawly Creature Books
    How do earthworms know night from day when they have no eyes? What makes slugs slimy? If you're curious about the answers to those questions and others, you're sure to enjoy two new children's books all about bugs, insects, and other tiny creatures.--07/19/2000

  • Warm Weather Projects Make Learning About Nature Fun!
    Summer is no time to hang around inside. During the warm weather, encourage kids to head outdoors with some new nature projects. This week, Education World reviews two new books of nature activities that are both educational and fun.--07/12/2000

  • Trust Your Senses?
    Can you trust your senses? This week, Education World examines three new books by popular children's writer Vicki Cobb that show that things are not always as they seem to be!--05/26/2000

  • Save Your Movie Money; Buy a Dino Book!
    For less than the price of two tickets to Dinosaur, the movie, young readers can own any one of three fine new books that highlight the work of scientists who study dinosaurs. Add popcorn and read!--05/25/2000

  • New Dino Books by Yolen, Teague, and Goode
    Two new dinosaur picture books are sure to give that new dinosaur movie a run for its money! Jane Yolen and Mark Teague have teamed up to create a real charmer for kids and families, and award-winning illustrator Diane Goode offers a new twist on an old Hans Christian Anderson tale. Both of these great new read-alouds offer valuable curriculum connections as well!--05/24/2000

  • Four New Books Celebrate Earth!
    Just in time for Earth Day 2000, Education World reviews four new ---and very different--- books about Earth and the role of humans in the natural world.--04/17/2000

  • New Books Help Growing Kids Grow Great Gardens!
    Green-thumbed kids can grow schoolyard gardens, victory gardens, salsa gardens, and more. Find great ideas for growing great classroom projects in three recently released books!--03/27/2000

  • Here's the Answer for Curious Kids' Questions!
    Every publisher, it seems, has a series of Q&A books for kids. But Scholastic isn't just any publisher, and their new series of Q&A books is one of the best! Included: Ideas for extending these books in the classroom!--11/08/1999

  • Butterfly Tales: New Picture Books Explore the Magic of the Life Cycle
    Butterflies can be an important ingredient in a recipe for great classroom lessons. To improve your recipe, mix in a couple of new picture books told from two very different perspectives. The fascinating life cycle of the butterfly comes to life in these two special books, BUTTERFLY HOUSE and LA MARIPOSA.--09/20/1999

  • Hurricane Watch: Three New Books for Young Readers
    Grab your slickers and come along as we review three new books about weather! There is something here for readers of all ages! --09/13/1999

  • This Bio of Bell Has a Different Ring to It!
    "Respect a louse's favorite rule: To get a-head, invade a school!" Told from the point of view of the louse, a clever new book from Scholastic offers facts about lice in humorous rhyme. The book's message is clear: Cooperation is the key to ridding a school population of these all-too-common pests. This book belongs in every school nurse's and media specialist's collection -- just in case the inevitable occurs!--05/24/1999

  • Earthlings Inside and Out: A Space Alien Studies the Human Body
    Earthlings Inside and Out is full of alien humor that will entertain young readers as they learn hundreds of amazing facts about the human body! Add to that more than a dozen hands-on activities, and you have a perfect lesson planning resource too. Teachers and students will find Earthlings Inside and Out to be a close encounter of the educational kind!--05/10/1999

  • Lice Have Never Been Such Fun!
    In Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life (Kids Can Press), author Elizabeth McLeod uses many primary source materials to create a new biography with a different kind of ring to it! Brief passages of text tell the basic facts, while a liberal sprinkling of sidebars and illustrations fills in the details. Equal time is given to the scientific genius and the compassionate teacher and family man. Included: Links to Bell resources on the World Wide Web.--04/26/1999

  • Kids' Books Celebrate Earth
    This week, Education World highlights four new kids' books that celebrate Earth. Grow a great garden, ride through the rain forest, track down tree names, or meander mountain habitats -- in these four new books that every school library should have!--04/19/1999

  • EW's Best of the Bug Books!
    If "Antz" and "A Bug's Life" (not to mention Halloween) have your students going buggy, why not take advantage of their interest? Six new books provide information, experiments, and stories to motivate students' explorations of the insect world!--11/02/1998

  • All Aboard The Flying Ark!
    How did they get from there to here? In The Flying Ark, author Carolyn Jackson explains how zoo workers prepare animals for long airplane flights!--06/15/1998

  • The Best Book of Dinosaurs: It's Not Just Another Dinosaur Book
    Terrible lizards, giant footprints, rumbling earth... Is this Godzilla? No, it's The Best Book of Dinosaurs -- and it deserves a place on your classroom bookshelf. --06/01/1998

  • Make Parts Part of Your Classroom Collection!Best of 1998 Graphic
    Tedd Arnold's zany new book, Parts, will appeal to kids on many levels! --05/25/1998

  • The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Oceans
    No library should be without a new ocean atlas for students, The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Oceans. --04/20/1998

  • Five New Books Celebrate (and Teach About) Our Earth!
    Five beautiful books -- all new since last Earth Day -- examine the relationship between man and nature. --04/13/1998

  • Planting the Seeds of Science!
    Thirteen hands-on science experiments teach basic concepts about plants in this new book from Kids Can Press and the science experts at the Ontario Science Centre! --03/23/1998

  • Spectacular Science at Your Fingertips!
    From Astronomy to Physics. From Animals to Volcanoes. Whatever the science (or math!) topic, Janice VanCleave has a book full of hands-on projects that will inspire while teaching essential concepts. --12/08/1997

  • An Amazing "Body" of Work!
    Lots of books claim to be AMAZING -- but few live up to the claim the way The Amazing Pull-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book does! --09/29/1997

  • It's No 'Wonder' Kids Love These Books!
    World of Wonders, a new series by Spencer Christian of ABC-TV's "Good Morning America", uses amazing stories and fascinating facts to introduce the science behind natural phenomena. --09/22/1997

  • Ms. Frizzle Helps Kids "See the Light"!Best of 97 Icon
    Kids will get a charge - and lots of solid science - out of The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip, the latest in the popular series from Scholastic, Inc. --09/08/1997

  • The Two Sojourners
    Mars mission launches opportunity to discover Sojourner Truth --06/15/1997