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Dino Books by Yolen, Teague, and Goode

Share Two dinosaur picture books are sure to give that latest dinosaur movie a run for its money! Jane Yolen and Mark Teague have teamed up to create a real charmer for kids and families, and award-winning illustrator Diane Goode offers a new twist on an old Hans Christian Anderson tale. Both of these great read-alouds offer valuable curriculum connections as well!

While the latest hot dinosaur movie is drawing young kids' attention to Tyrannosaurus rex and his dinosaur friends -- and enemies -- two picture books for children deserve as much play as the big screen blockbuster does!


Book Cover Image Award-winning author Jane Yolen teamed up with one of the best illustrators in the kids-book biz to create a real charmer, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? Yolen's lilting text captures the tantrums with which every parent is familiar:

"How do dinosaurs say good night when Papa comes to turn off the light? Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout? Does he throw his teddy bear all about?"

Whether Trachodon begs for "one book more" or T. rex pretends to be preoccupied with a toy train, kids will smile the smile of recognition as they see their bedtime-delaying ploys in a new light. Of course, in the end, when Papa comes to turn off the light, dinosaurs do what all good kids do -- they give a hug and a kiss, and they whisper "Good night!"

Young readers and their parents will love exploring Mark Teague's eye-popping illustrations. They'll also enjoy searching for the name of each dinosaur, which has been cleverly included in each illustration.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? is a romping treat that parents can use to gently let kids know that they're onto the young ones' sleep-time subterfuge. Teachers might use the book to accompany lessons in manners or the importance of sleep. Better yet, they might read the book aloud for pure enjoyment!


Book Cover Image The monarchy might be extinct in France but dinosaurs rule the fabulous palace at Versailles in Caldecott Honor artist Diane Goode's latest book, The Dinosaur's New Clothes. Goode dresses her dinosaur emperor, ministers, and the rest of the aristocracy in the powdered wigs and period fashions in the time of Louis XIV in this delightful send-up of Hans Christian Anderson's famous tale of gullibility and greed.

Goode's mother is French, so Goode spent many summers in France. She recalls being regularly overwhelmed by the palace of Versailles. That hasn't stopped her from poking fun at the palace's long ago inhabitants, though. She dresses her rollicking reptiles in lavish fashions that, if you examine them closely, parody some of Anderson's well-known works. The walls in the Hall of Mirrors are covered with gargoyles and works of art that reflect the palace's prehistoric residents. Is this sacrilege -- or just plain fun?

Wise teachers will use The Dinosaur's New Clothes as part of a literature unit focused on fairy tales and their lessons.

  • Why not collect several retellings of The Emperor's New Clothes and create a graphic organizer to help students compare the different versions?
  • Students might rewrite other favorite fairy tales, replacing the human characters with dinosaurs.
However this new dino delight is used, it's sure to bring smiles to the faces of young readers!

Both of these books are available at bookstores everywhere.

  • How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? is written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague.
  • The Dinosaur's New Clothes is adapted and illustrated by Diane Goode. If you are unable to locate either title, ask your bookseller to order it for you. Both books are published by The Blue Sky Press, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc. Call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.
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    Originally published 05/24/2000