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Celebrate the 50th Day

Many schools plan big-time ways to celebrate the 100th day of school. But how about celebrating the 50th day, too? Or you might prefer to celebrate 50 Days to Go! Either way, a special day is a great way to build school spirit.

Just as teachers find many ways to incorporate the number 100 into activities for the 100th day of the school year, so you might challenge them to incorporate the number 50 on the 50th day. For example:

  • Have kids complete this sentence: I wish I had 50 _____________ because _________________.
  • Each class might teach kids to count to 50 in different language.
  • Plant 50 flowers (or seeds) in front of the school.
  • Plan a school-wide 50-yard dash competition. (Maybe this is a teachers-only competition, and students are the fans.)
  • Play 1950s music as kids pass in the hall between classes.
  • Challenge each class to collect 50 cans of food to donate to a local soup kitchen.
  • Pull together a list of '50s trivia questions for staff and/or students to answer. Give prizes for the most correct answers. (For kids, this could be a fun research challenge.)
  • Actually, you might adapt many of these ideas for the 100th day for use on Day 50.
  • But -- of course -- the main bit of fun for the 50th Day of School is that all kids and staff are encouraged to dress in the style of the '50s!

Mark Lukert, principal (retired), Lakeside Elementary School, Coppell, Texas
If you would like to learn more about Mark or the workshops he conducts through his consulting company, Precision Team Building, contact him through his Web site,

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