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Rewards Motivate Students to
Achieve Reading Goals


We began using the Accelerated Reader (AR) program in 1999 and have had enormous successes with it. When we began using the program, we rewarded students based upon the number of points they accumulated. We rewarded them at the end of each six weeks and at the end of the year if they reached a predetermined number of points. We even rewarded the entire school for reading a certain number of books. When our students read 34,000 books, they were rewarded with a live concert. A local group of musicians from our high school were supposed to perform, but had to back out at the last minute, so we went to Plan B and had our teachers form groups and perform for our students -- which they loved! (See photo above.) The next year we raised our goal to 40,000 books and when our students reached that goal, Elvis and Amelia Bedelia visited our school (see photo below) and performed for them. Currently, our students set individual goals for each grading period and we reward those students who meet their goals. The "AR Lunch Bunch" gets to take their lunches outside to eat where we have decorated tables and treats for them. We also reward students who attain Classic Reader status (fewer than 20 students a year) with a limo ride to a restaurant. Certification levels are cumulative through the grades, so the limo ride is something they work toward for years.

The leadership team at DeQuincy Elementary School, DeQunicy, Louisiana

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