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"Being a principal is not about money or being the boss; it is about using one's unique skills and personality to help kids and teachers achieve." (Gary Cardwell)

"The most rewarding aspect of my position is that I get a chance to see and interact with all the children in the school. That is my greatest joy each day. The children make me want to come back tomorrow. I tend to take school politics, discipline issues, and accountability in stride because, no matter what, they come with the territory; but the children must come first. Money is not a real issue with me, or I would have gone into business, law, or medicine, [professions] my mother suggested many, many years ago." (Bonita Henderson)

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Few jobs offer as wide a variety of challenges. "Being a principal is not one job; it is a hundred jobs wrapped up into one. Some days I am a shoe cobbler, and other days I am a computer-system installer..." (Gary Cardwell)

"Being a principal means wearing an ugly tie that a child has given you, hugging a kid who hasn't had a bath in a week, or feigning delight at a silly valentine and loving every minute of it!" (Gary Cardwell)

When principal Jerry Boyd was asked if he would "do it all again" and be a principal in his next life, he responded, "If I would not do it again, why would I continue doing it at all?"

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