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Giving Advice to
Job Seekers (Part 1)


"A portfolio is a must. These days, if your college does not require one, assemble your own. Include pictures if you have them, student teaching experiences, in-services attended. Hiring principals are looking for teachers who are computer literate. If you are, show it off in your portfolio." (Betty Peltier)

"My one piece of advice for a college grad looking for a teaching job would be to have a plan. One of the first things I ask candidates to do is to describe for me their classroom. What does it look like? What does it sound like? And, most important to me, what does it feel like? A person who is really interested in teaching already has a basic idea about some of the things they'll do as teacher." (Betty Luckett)

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Have you any advice for new or experienced teachers who are in the job market? What can/should they do to make themselves stand out from the crowd? What skills and attitudes are you and other principals looking for as you interview candidates for openings in your school? Any advice you might be willing to give would be appreciated by teachers involved in a job search. Click to join the conversation. Share your thoughts and ideas so job seekers might better prepare themselves for the search.

"I want to hear candidates say how excited they are about the upcoming first day and how much they know they will need a good master teacher to tutor and mentor them as they make those dreaded first-year mistakes. They need to realize there will be mistakes." (Cyndi Patterson)

"Think of some very personal stories to share, perhaps a story about a student you helped or an outstanding lesson you taught. Personal anecdotes enable the interviewers to see into your heart." (Deborah Harbin)

"Do your homework. Find out about the philosophy of the school to which you are applying. Are you looking for a place to earn money or a place to develop as a teacher and launch your career? Don't try to make yourself a 'fit' if you really aren't." (Brian Hazeltine)

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