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Take Five for...

Reflecting on
What Makes Your School
A Great School


Take time to reflect on what makes your school great. You might even create a list of things, commit them to memory, and be ready to share them -- OK, brag about them -- whenever the opportunity arises. Here are just a handful of examples of the kind of "brag statements" you might make.

A teacher tells a boy with a reputation for misbehaving at his old school that she doesn't judge him by his past.

Teachers hand out awards to kids who do the "right thing."

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A fourth grader with reading problems reads to the preschool handicapped class. He says he wants to grow up to be a special education teacher!

A teacher takes time after school to write postcards to parents of students who have done something special in class.

Students stop at the principal's office to share with him "better jokes" than the ones he tells at Friday morning assemblies.

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