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Is It Time for a "Principal's Office" Makeover?


The best way to check to see if your image is child-friendly is to look at your office space through a child's eye. First impressions do count!

To do that, walk out of your office, then walk back in and look at it as if you were entering for the first time. If the office has institutional tones, dark colors, file cabinets, and bulletin boards covered with schedules and memos, it is ready for a "kid friendly" makeover.

With a few hours of work and a little imagination that blah office can be transformed. The walls could be repainted with soft colors and the floor might be covered with coordinated carpeting. Children's art might cover the walls or bulletin board under a heading that shouts out "We Are Proud Of" Those institutional straight-back chairs could be replaced with more comfortable chairs with bright-colored pillows

So take a look around your office. Could it use a makeover?

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