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Anyone who has ever been a school principal knows how tough the job is. So let's look at what makes the job so special and important.

First, a caring principal sets the tone for much of what goes on in a school. The principal's feelings and attitudes affect the school's atmosphere. The principal affects not only curriculum and instruction; he or she affects the morale of teachers and students.

Principals come in all shades of gray. Some are outstanding, while others are not. The outstanding ones are worth their weight in gold. As a grandfather of five (four of my grandchildren are in different public schools; and the fifth one is now off to college), I have asked each of them about the principals in their schools. Each grandchild knows their principal's name and has seen him or her in their classrooms on a regular basis. However, even more important to me as a sign of their principal's leadership, each of my grandchildren has either been invited to have lunch with the principal for a special reason or has had the principal sit and chat with them at their lunch table.

When I asked my grandkids if their principals were "office principals" or "classroom principals," all of them responded "classroom principals" because of their high visibility. To me, that's a terrific sign. Principals who practice MBWA -- managing by walking around -- are, in my opinion, worth their weight in gold.

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