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Morning Math Questions
Week 25 (Question Groups 49 and 50) Share

Principal Larry Davis emphasizes the importance of math by making Morning Math part of his school's morning routine. Two days a week during morning announcements, he poses "Mr. Davis Math Questions" to the students at Doctors Inlet Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. Now, you can do the same in your school! Each week, Davis and Education World present two new sets of math questions for you to use to engage students and build math skills.

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Replace Mr. Davis's name with your name in each of the math questions below...

Day 49

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis has 4 dogs that wag their tails and 4 dogs that do not. How many dogs does Mr. Davis have in all? (8 dogs)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis had a pencil that was 12 inches long. Each time he sharpened the pencil, it got 2 inches shorter. How many times can he sharpen the pencil before it disappears? (6 times)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis caught 12 flies on Monday, 10 flies on Tuesday, and 8 flies on Wednesday. If that pattern continues, how many flies will Mr. Davis catch on Thursday? (6 flies)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis went to Atlanta. Atlanta was 388 miles away. How many miles did he travel on his round-trip journey to Atlanta? (776 miles)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis went on a cruise. On the first day, the cruise ship traveled 567 miles. It traveled 566 miles on the second day and 565 miles on the third day. How many miles did the cruise ship travel in the first three days at sea? (1,698 miles)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis watched a TV show. The show had a commercial break every 12 minutes. That commercial break was 3 minutes long. How long was the TV show -- commercials included -- if it had 4 commercial breaks? (60 minutes)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis has 140 sixth-grade students in his school. If 60 percent of those students are girls, how many of the 140 students are boys? (56 boys)

Day 50

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis had 2 grapes, 3 plums, and 1 apple. How many pieces of fruit did Mr. Davis have in all? (six pieces of fruit)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis went to church at 11:00 a.m. The preacher preached for 1- hours. What time was church over? (12:30 p.m.)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis read a book with 50 words on each page. How many pages of the book did he read if he read 200 words? (4 pages)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis had 20 marbles on Monday. On Tuesday, a friend gave him some new marbles. Now he has three times as many marbles as he had on Monday. How many marbles does he have in all? (60 marbles)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis has been a teacher for 23 years. If he is 45 years old, how old was he when he started teaching? (22 years old)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis bought four candy bars. The candy bars sold for a price of four of $1. How much money would Mr. Davis need to buy 56 candy bars? ($14)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis's drove his car for 33 hours straight. If he averages a speed of 78 miles per hour, how many miles did he drive in all? (2,574 miles)