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Morning Math Questions
Week 22 (Question Groups 43 and 44) Share

Principal Larry Davis emphasizes the importance of math by making Morning Math part of his school's morning routine. Two days a week during morning announcements, he poses "Mr. Davis Math Questions" to the students at Doctors Inlet Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. Now, you can do the same in your school! Each week, Davis and Education World present two new sets of math questions for you to use to engage students and build math skills.

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Replace Mr. Davis's name with your name in each of the math questions below...

Question Group 43

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis needs to know which of the following numbers is greater than 26: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 (30).
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis got up at 6:00 a.m. School starts at 7:30. How much time passed between the time when Mr. Davis got out of bed and the time school began? (90 minutes, or rei 1-1/2 hours)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis has 15 cents. He gave some of his money to a friend. Now Mr. Davis has 9 cents left. How much money did he give his friend? (6 cents)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis had 11 cases of bottled water. Each case had 24 bottles in it. How many bottles of water did Mr. Davis have? (264 bottles)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis paid $767 for a round trip plane ticket to New York. How much did that plane trip cost each way? ($383.50)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis started on his trip at 6:57 a.m. He ended his trip in 5 hours and 15 minutes. What time did his trip end? (12:12 pm)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis is counting his change. If he gets 8 more nickels he will have $5. How much change does he have now?($4.60)

Question Group 44

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis needs to know how many doors are in your room. Be sure to count all the doors! (Answers will vary.)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis needs to know how many Saturdays are in this month. September? (Answers will vary.)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis needs to know how many hours there are in two days. (48 hours)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis has $5.89. A pencil cost .10. How much money would Mr. Davis have left if he buys 30 pencils? ($2.89)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis's car gets 52 miles per gallon. How many miles can Mr. Davis drive on six gallons of gas? (312 miles)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis runs 2- miles a day. How many miles did he run last month? (Answers will vary. If the month had 30 days, he ran 45 miles; if the month had 31 days, he ran 46- miles.)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis has nine $5 bills, 25 quarters, 10 dimes, and 12 nickels. How much money does he have in all? ($52.85)