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Morning Math Questions
Week 18 (Question Groups 35 and 36) Share

Principal Larry Davis emphasizes the importance of math by making Morning Math part of his school's morning routine. Two days a week during morning announcements, he poses "Mr. Davis Math Questions" to the students at Doctors Inlet Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. Now, you can do the same in your school! Each week, Davis and Education World present two new sets of math questions for you to use to engage students and build math skills.

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Replace Mr. Davis's name with your name in each of the math questions below...

Question Group 35

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis slept for 8 hours on Monday night and 6 hours on Tuesday night. How many more hours did he sleep on Monday than on Tuesday? (2 hour)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis needs to know how many letters in all are found in President George Bush's name. (10 letters)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis slept 8- hours on Monday night. He slept for the same amount of time on Tuesday night. How many hours did he sleep in all on the two nights? (17 hours)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis ate breakfast at 6:00 a.m. He ate lunch 7- hours later. At what time did he eat lunch? (1:30 p.m.)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis watched a movie for 148 minutes. The movie began at 7:00 p.m. At what time did the movie end? (9:28 p.m.)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis has visited 37 states in the United States. How many states has he not yet visited? (13 states)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis read a book for 3 hours last night. If he reads 120 words a minute, how many words did Mr. Davis read last night? (21,600 words)

Question Group 36

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis went to the grocery store on Friday. He went back again 3 days later. On what day of the week did he go back to the store? (Monday)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis has 3 packages of pencils. Each package has 4 pencils in it. How many pencils does Mr. Davis have in all? (12 pencils)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis saw 9 monkeys, 6 bears, 4 tigers, and 2 giraffes at the zoo. How many animals did he see in all? (21 animals)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis left on a trip at 4:30 a.m. on Monday. He returned in 30 hours. On what day and time did he return? (10:30 a.m. on Tuesday)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis has 700 pennies. How much money does he have in all? ($7.00)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis is meeting a friend at the movies in 3- hours. If the movie starts at 7:30 p.m., what time is it now? (4:15 p.m.)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis's anteater, Artie, eats 5 ants per second. How many minutes will it take Artie to eat 3,000 ants? (10 minutes)