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Three Elements of Good Meeting Design

While each meeting will be different -- tailored to the task and needs of the group -- every meeting will need three basic parts.

  • First, the opening sets the stage for the work to be done. Whether long or very brief, the opening should build a solid foundation from which the group can accomplish its task. It should review the purpose, outcomes, and agenda to make sure everyone is on the same page. It should review or create ground rules and build an environment conducive to doing productive work together. (Article 7 in this series, Getting Your Meeting Off to a Good Start, will present more information on this topic.)
  • The task of the meeting is where the work gets done. This is where the desired outcomes are accomplished. It could be one task or several steps. You may move through several phases -- for example, generating ideas, evaluating them, and coming to a decision. You may be analyzing a problem, identifying a goal, or agreeing on a solution. The task is the meat of the matter.
  • The closing includes reviewing the agreements that the group has made; identifying the next steps -- including who is responsible and by when; and evaluating the meeting itself.

    Key Points To Take Away

    --- Every good meeting needs a clear opening to start off on the right foot.
    --- Every good meeting needs a closing to affirm agreements and set next steps.
    --- The task of the meeting is all the meat in the middle of the sandwich.
    --- It is very messy to eat a sandwich without the bread to hold it together.

Often a group will focus on the task while ignoring the opening and closing. Doing that is akin to trying to eat a sandwich without the bread to hold it together.

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