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Fundraiser Review: Xtraman Discount Card

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xtraman discount cardWhat is sold:   A discount card that offers savings at a variety of businesses including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, bowling, golf and more.

About the program:   Xtraman allows customers to design their own cards, so your card could, for example, be the North Brookville Lions Discount Card. The company also makes an effort to add merchants to the discount program if a particular partner requests them. Because the Xtraman discount cards are also good nationwide, the sales market includes students' out-of-town relatives.

Support for schools:  On the plus side, Xtraman involves no up-front costs. On the negative side, the company's Web site does not clearly state how much schools make on each card they sell. The company says it offers top-notch customer support, but doesn't spell out what that means.

Bottom line:  Xtraman provides personalized discount cards that offer significant savings on both national and regional brands. The cards seem easy to sell, but schools should request more details before selecting the program.


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