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Fundraiser Review: Chuck E. Cheese School Fundraising



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What is Sold: This is a fundraising event instead of a traditional fundraiser. Schools set up a fundraiser night and students, families, faculty and other supporters go to Chuck E. Cheese that night. The school gets 15% of the proceeds from the purchase of food, tokens and merchandise by participating people/families.

Chuck E CheeseAbout the Program:  This fundraising opportunity is available to non-profit public or private preschools or elementary schools with 75 or more students. It must be set up at least three weeks in advance by authorized school personnel or the PTA/HSA by calling a special fundraiser set-up number and requesting a date. Only one organization can hold an event each weeknight -- and it’s for weeknights only.

Support for Schools: Chuck E. Cheese offers a lot of support for schools including posters, stickers for the kids, free meals for teachers, certificates for free tokens to draw people in and more. To get kids excited, schools can also have a visit from Chuck E. Cheese himself on the day of the event.

Bottom LineThis is a great alternative to traditional fundraising since it promotes family fun and gives parents an opportunity to support the school while doing something they might do anyway. Also, since Chuck E. Cheese sends the proceeds check within 10 business days, it’s a program with a really fast turnaround.

Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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