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Dealing with data -- whether it is test data, student population data, walk-through evaluation statistics, or budget numbers -- is a big part of a principal's job. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories about how data can be used to raise student achievement, plus practical tips for building your data-handling skills.

Mapping Instruction With Interim Assessments
Officials in one school district needed to know if their instructional interventions were working. They needed data reported more often than state tests could provide, so they created an online assessment tool that has improved instruction and raised test scores.


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My Three Favorite Things: Data, Data, and Data
"Educators, as a breed, are afraid of data," says Education World columnist Pete Hall. "We treat them like contagious numerical pathogens. After all, for decades we have been the evaluators, but now we are the evaluatees, often left to the mercy of unpleasant school designations..."

Using Data Rooms to Map Your Way to Success
Got data? Most administrators would say of course. The trick is to get it off the shelves and into the open. By setting up data rooms to display, track, and analyze information, administrators can make meaningful, measurable changes in their schools.

Making Data Work for Your School
Most educators today probably would balk at the mention of more testing, but when results from interim assessments are used to tweak the curriculum and applied to individual learning, schools often see gains.

Data Is Making a Difference in These Schools
Test scores are analyzed and used to lead curriculum improvement. Student, parent, and staff surveys lead to change too. Those are just two of the ways in which our "Principal Files" principals are using data to lead their schools to success.

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