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Cafeteria duty is a staple of life for most principals. For some, it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with students; for others it's a daily nightmare. If the latter is the case for you, the articles below from Education World's archive offer a full-course meal that, once digested, might change forever the way you look at cafeteria duty.

Order in the Cafeteria: Tips for Improving Behavior and Supervision
Some principals have nightmares about "cafeteria time." But with rules for traffic flow and behavior firmly in place, many principals say lunchtime can run hitch-free. Included: Tips for improving behavior, training monitors, and planning trouble-free recess time.


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  • Bring "Order" to the Cafeteria
    Is your school's cafeteria a place where you love to spend time, or is it a nightmare come to life? How can you make the lunchroom a more "orderly" place? Administrators share their best tips for improving atmosphere, behavior, and manners in the lunchroom.

    Schools Strive for Waste-Free Lunches
    Schools are discovering the benefits of cutting down on the waste they produce, particularly in the lunchroom. In addition to monetary benefits, the schools are producing stewards of the Earth. Included: Simple ways to reduce waste in the lunchroom.

    Recess Before Lunch Can Mean Happier, Healthier Kids
    Recess follows lunch almost as predictably as four follows three, because it always has been that way. Principals who have put recess first, though, have noticed children eat more and behave better after lunch. Included: Tips for making the transition.

    No More Lost Lunch Money
    Probably every day in every classroom, a teacher hears, "I lost/forgot/spent my lunch money," sparking phone calls home, IOUs, or snack food searches. Pre-paid lunch programs can end the problems of missing money and save parent and teacher time.

    Signaling an End to Classroom/Cafeteria Chatter
    Some teachers are finding that mini traffic lights are as effective at regulating student conversation levels as the real signals are at controlling traffic flow. Devices such as the teacher-created Yacker Tracker tell students when to put the brakes on their chatter.

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