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Exceptional Event

Fishing Tournament

Silver Sands Middle School in Port Orange, Florida, offers many special events, but one of the most unique ones is a springtime activity that principal Les Potter shared with us. "We sponsor a fishing tournament in May," said Potter. "Parents and students participate. We fish from a dock on the Halifax River, just a few miles from Daytona Beach."

The school gets permission to close off the dock from 9 a.m. until noon for students and their parents, Potter explained. "Our business partners participate with donated and loaned rods, food, bait, and special prizes," said Potter. "Many prizes are given, including prizes for the smallest fish, largest fish, ugliest fish, and most fish caught."

Last year, its first year, the event attracted about 100 people. Parents reported that it was a fun bonding experience, said Potter. "We are planning to continue the event," he added, "and we expect it to grow in popularity."