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Exceptional Event

A Night at the Movies

A family movie night makes a nice wintertime event and great fund-raiser. Transform your school gymnasium into a theater for a night. Show a selection of classic cartoons the whole family can enjoy. Sell popcorn on the side for a fraction of what movie theaters sell it. That can all be done for little cost -- while it beefs up the school activity fund.

You might even work with the owner of a local movie theater to use their facilities and see a current hot movie. That's what principal Greg Robinson does at Melrose High School in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (Australia). "Our Parent and Citizens Association organizes the event," Robinson told Education World. "They talk to the owners of our local cinema who let them know what is coming up in the next six months. They choose a movie and promote the premiere of that movie."

Getting the right movie is important, added Robinson. "We make a choice based on what we think will be the most appealing. We keep in mind movie censorship ratings, what is of current interest to students, and what parents might be prepared to watch.

"We use this event as a fund-raiser," added Robinson. "The school receives a discounted ticket price because we guarantee that we will fill the cinema. We then charge an extra few dollars over the price of the normal ticket. We expect to make a profit of about $1,000. We will also run a small raffle that might net us another $200.

"We promote this as a family event," added Robinson. "We ask that parents come along with their kids."