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Autograph Auction

The staff at Manor Hill Elementary School in Liberty, Missouri, recognized a great need in their school: "Our school consists of kids with hard-working parents who sometimes aren't able to provide everything for their children," recalled teacher Marty Kelsey. "We had many students in need of new shoes."

The school's student support committee discussed several ways to raise money for the shoes -- teacher donations, collecting change, and more -- but Kelsey, who teaches a split class of fourth and fifth graders, had another idea.

"I have collected autographs for the past 15 years," he explained. "I suggested the idea of having a Celebrity Autograph and Shoe Auction, in which celebrities would autograph their shoes and donate them. Then we could auction off the shoes. The money raised would go to a 'shoe fund' to help those kids who needed shoes or other items their families couldn't afford."

While your students might not be in need of shoes, you can probably make a long list of things the students or your school do need. And an autograph auction is one way you might consider to raise the needed funds.

An added benefit: Get students actively involved by having them write letters to celebrities. They'll be learning valuable letter-writing skills while helping to raise money for the school.

For more information about the autograph auction at Manor Hill Elementary -- and for tips about setting up an autograph auction of your own -- see the Education World article A "Signature Event": The Autograph Auction as a School Fundraiser.