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Exceptional Event

Harvest Fest


Principal Bridget Braney is fortunate to have a great PTO at her school. The PTO parents coordinate a yearly Harvest Fest. "Children participate at many game stations manned throughout the day by parents, and the school lobby is filled with homemade goodies for sale," said Braney, who is principal at Orchard Hill Elementary School in South Windsor, Connecticut.

"As part of their 'rite of passage,' the oldest students in our school -- the fifth-graders -- transform the school cafeteria into a haunted house," Braney explained. "The task is guided by several parents, but the students do the work themselves. They create costumes and decorations, play the roles of monsters, and collect admission. They even create a tamed-down version of the haunted house for younger students."

"The students do an incredible job," added Braney. "The end result is really quite spooky. The line usually snakes right out the front door."