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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

Locker Clean-Out


Teacher says our lockers
Must be cleaned before we go.
I guess she hasn't peeked inside
My locker, or she'd know.

She'd know it's packed with memories
Which are special just to me,
But they're disguised to look like garbage
So they're difficult to see.

There are notes my friends all wrote me.
That are taped upon the door.
And first semester's gym socks
Are growing on its floor.

There are tests that I did well on,
And some homework that was "lost."
There's even one green sandwich
That I really oughtta toss!

My locker is a kid museum,
A trove of useful stuff.
It's just sorta short on neateness,
But I think it's good enough.

Goodbye to This Year's Locker,
You've been a friend to me.
A place to store my precious trash,
A year's worth of debris.

Now, teacher says to clean it out,
As school's about to close.
Maybe next year's resident
Will treat you better, I suppose?

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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