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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

One Child Left Behind


This year I am in kindergarten --
I'm off to the big kids' school.
No more babysitters, daycare centers,
Or afternoon preschool!

We've learned about a million stuffs
I know so many things.
Like shapes and all my colors,
And sharing playground swings.

Today we're going on a field trip.
We're taking a bus to the zoo,
So we can see up real close
Bears, giraffes, and kangaroos.

It's fingers on lips and hands on hips
When we walk the halls at school.
But at the zoo "Hold your partners' hands"
Will be our Golden Rule.

In front of me, there's Kayla.
She holds on one of my hands.
In back of me is Jimmy --
At least those were the plans!

But sometimes us kids get excited.
As silly animals get our reactions
It's easy for kids to forget the rules
With so many wild distractions.

We also have to go potty,
And we drop stuff on the ground.
And some partners get disconnected
When one stops to look around.

We look at all the animals,
As our teacher tells us loud
What they eat and where they live,
Their what's, and why's, and how'd.

After a long fun day at the zoo
It's time to get back on the bus.
When teacher suddenly realized
She was missing one of us.

In front of me there's Kayla.
We were walking hand in hand-ed.
But in back of me, where's Jimmy?
This isn't the way we planned it!

The last time I looked back of me
Jimmy was properly aligned.
But now we're missing Jimmy --
One child's been left behind!"

Mrs. Smith's face had a worried look.
Where the heck had that boy went?
Quick as a jaguar she was off.
To track down Jimmy's scent.

A minute ago Jimmy was behind me,
But he was gone in just two seconds.
Did he stop to watch the gorilla?
Or talk to a llama that beckoned?

Soon Mrs. Smith tracked Jimmy down.
We were all relieved to see her.
Turns out he stopped one more time
To have a laugh with the hyena.

Now in front of me there's Kayla.
She holds on to one of my hands.
Now in back of me is Julio --
We've got us some brand new plans.

Jimmy now walks with the teacher.
She holds his hand tight in her fist.
Jimmy is no longer left behind --
In fact, he's first on teacher's list!

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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