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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

The BIG Test


When teacher said, "There'll be a test"
My stomach did a flip.
"The test will be tomorrow."
My mind began to slip.
"The test will coverEVERYTHING!"
My chin began to quiver.
"You'd better memorize your notes."
What notes? My body shivered.
"A few may pass, but most will fail."
I guessed I'd be with the "most."
"It's the hardest test I've ever made."
I'm dead! I'm lost! I'm toast!
"If you flunk this test, you'll be retained."
That's sure to prove that I'm a fool!
"You'll always be a worthless bum."
Sentenced to life in middle school!

Just then I felt my Mama's hand
Rest lightly on my head.
I slowly opened up my eyes
And found I was in bed!
I just hate those dreams of school,
Especially when they scare me.
Maybe if I just studied more
My dreams would be more hap-py?

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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