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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

The Mouse in School


"Vermin! Vermin!" Our
Teacher's voice was shrill!
And that much exuberance
Gave us kids a thrill.
Since our school isn't noted
For having much excitement,
We take what we get
And turn it in-to an event.

Teacher scrambled on top her desk.
My, but she could scoot!
And Johnny started throwing spitballs
As fast as he could shoot.
Betty grabbed the dustpan,
And Larry poked the broom
Behind the dusty bookcase
Which caused that mouse to zoom!

Kids were tipping over desks
And books were in the air.
You'd of thought a grizzly bear
Could cause so great a scare.
Finally, though, the game wore down.
The mouse tore out the door.
And teacher crawled down off her desk
And stood upon the floor.

"Now, Children, like I was saying
Before I climbed to get a view,
Find your notes, dust off your books;
It's time for our review.
Who can tell me, children,
If your brains have got calmed down,
Is 'vermin' liked I used it
An adjective or noun?"

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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