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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

The Teacher's Messy Desk


My teacher's desk is piled high
With papers, books, and stuff.
And if it ever avalanched,
It'd kill a kid, sure 'nuff!
That's why I never like to
Stand by that dangerous mound
'Cuz if it ever hit a kid,
That kid would not be found!

Word has it that awhile back,
I'm not sure of the date
A kid went in for extra help.
The teacher was stayin' late.
Well, all was going peachy,
And the kid was getting help,
But the mountain started moving
And the kid let out a yelp.

Turned out it was his final yelp.
No other sound he made
As all those books and homework
Made him a papery grave.

They say his Momma came to school
To see if his body could be found,
But not even with a bulldozer
Could he be scraped up off the ground.

So, here's a word of good advice:
If you don't want to be mashed like that,
Don't ever ask for extra help unless
Your teacher's desk is flat!

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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