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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

The Week Before
Spring Break


I've got a great big problem,
And it has to do with time:
My school's clocks must be broken.
I'm about to lose my mind!

It's the week before vacation,
And I'm standing at the board
Writing out 100 times in chalk
"I'll not tell teacher I am bored."

But I am bored, and I'm tired,
And I'm ready for a break.
So I'm pretending like I'm sorry,
But I'm feeling like a fake.

I peek out of the window.
I see green grass and the sun.
I want so bad to be outside;
To fly a kite and run.

To Einstein, time was relative.
And E was MC squared,
But he's never come to my school,
So I think he doesn't care.

Time is not MY relative!
I'm not concerned with E!
I sure hope they start vacation soon
So I can just be free!

I'm ready for vacation,
And I know that teacher is
'Cuz she's writing on her notepad
"I must not kill these kids!"

I've written mine 'most thirty times,
But teacher's got me beat.
She's written hers a hundred times

Copyright © 2006 Ivan Kershner, reprinted with permission.

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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