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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

Teacher's Questions


I really like my teacher,
And I think she likes me too.
She smiles when she sees me.
Sometimes she hugs me too.

But I've started thinking lately
That she's really not that bright
'Cuz she keeps on asking questions
With answers even I get right!

Seems she's not sure who is president;
She wants to know "What is a noun?"
And when she asks, "Who's done their homework?"
She asks it with a frown.

She keeps asking who's the scoundrel
Who kicked the football on the roof,
And she keeps bugging me about my math
And asking for my proof.

I know that teacher's getting older,
Since she's taught since the year one,
But I hope I've answered all her questions,
And I hope that she is done.

If she's gotten all the answers
To all the questions that she had
I know I've helped in some small way,
So I smileand I am glad!

Copyright © 2006 Ivan Kershner, reprinted with permission.

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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